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A scrap yard with piled up scrapped cars in Meath


Looking to scrap a car in Meath? Call today


Trying to find car breakers in Meath? help individuals who are looking to scrap cars for cash in Meath.

We take the following types of cars for car scrappage in Meath:

End of life vehicles
Damaged Vehicles
Crashed vehicles
NCT failures
Running or not

Our car breakers in Meath provide a simple process for those who are looking to scrap cars for cash in Meath. All you have to do is:

  1. Send us an email with photographs of your vehicle to receive a free quotation

  2. Drop your car off or arrange a free collection of your vehicle in Meath

  3. Get paid for your scrap car and we will take of the paperwork recycle as much of your scrap car as possible to ensure the environmental impact of car scrappage in Meath is reduced and that all materials, including metal, glass and plastics are recycled correctly.

Learn more about our car scrappage in Meath. Get in touch with us

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to scrap cars for cash in Meath. Where are you based? are located in Blanchardstown in Dublin and are available to offer car scrappage deals in Meath for vehicles that have reached the end of their life, are not running, are beyond economical repair, or have failed their NCT.

When will I receive my Certificate of Destruction (C.O.D) for my vehicle?

You will have your C.O.D within three days of your car being processed at our Authorised Treatment Facility. This records your vehicle as "scrapped" on the national vehicle and drive file, negating your road tax liability.

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