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Did you know that under an EU Directive end-of-life, vehicles must be disposed of at an authorised treatment facility? Each vehicle manufacturer or importer must have a national collection system in place with at least one treatment facility in every city and council area. Treatment of an end-of-life vehicle includes removal of the battery, gas tank, airbags, any other fuels or oils, and any parts containing mercury.

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 Take my car back

A car scrapyard is a place where people can take their old or damaged cars to be recycled. The process of recycling a car starts with the owner bringing the car to the scrapyard. The owner will then fill out a form and sign a contract agreeing to the terms of taking the car back.


After the contract is signed, the car is then towed to the scrapyard. The car is then dismantled, and the parts are recycled. We determine the scrap value of a car based on the weight of the metal.

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Take Car Back

We offer the best price in Leinster for your vehicle and will pick it up, free of charge. We will give you a certificate of destruction and will update your national vehicle and driver file with the Department of Transport. We will make this process as easy as possible and will pay cash on the spot for your damaged car, NCT failure, ex-taxi, 4x4, van, truck, and even scrap metal and machinery.


The vehicle will then be treated and disposed of within two days of arriving at the plant in accordance with government guidelines. As dismantling professionals, we urge you to avail of a registered scrapping service, which abides by EU law.

Take Car Back FAQ’s

What is ELVES?

ELVES refers to the end-of-life vehicle disposal scheme which was implemented by the EU in 2000.

Do you dispose of Electric Vehicles?

Yes. Give us a call or fill out the contact form for a free quote.

How do you know how to dismantle and dispose of the vehicle?

There is an international sequence of set actions for vehicle disposal set by the IDIS (international dismantling information system.) Vehicle disposal in Korea will be executed the same way as it would here in Ireland.

What brands are associated with IDIS?

Most major vehicle manufacturers are associated and compliant with IDIS. Visit their website for more information.

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